Posted by: reball | August 13, 2009

Today we took flight…

flutterby 011Not literally of course!  Today we packed in the car with half the cousins and traveled to an amazing place full of winged beauties and wiggly little fellows. 

flutterby 005flutterby 004 

We visited Beach Creak Botanical Gardens.

It was a truly uplifting experience we encountered many butterfly species.  They were stunning and extremely friendly!  Chasing after butterflies with q-tips dipped in sugar water is encouraged and no question is to small to ask!

flutterby 009

They also offered crafts for kids in a stunning outdoor environment.  Oh and I can’t forget to mention the face painting!  Or arms in our case.  Sugar Plum and Sweet Pea weren’t old enough to participate but still had a great time taking in the sights.

We topped the day off with a picnic!  These are the days memories are made of! Summer days filled with love and laughter can never happen to often!  Take your kids and run away for the day!  Heck, visit Beach Creek Botanical Gardens where magic is made.  Seriously, they turn creepy crawlers into beautiful “flutterby’s” as the cuz calls them!

flutterby 002



  1. Aaah. They look so big with their shoes on! Next time take us too!

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