Posted by: reball | August 14, 2009

Where does my road lead today?

Do you ever wake up and wonder where your path will lead today?  I often do however, even when I have mapped that path out in my head – I always seem to wander away and sometimes I end up lost.    Yesterday, I was walking with my husband and our boys and was surprised to find a friend from church in our driveway.  This lady has always been a great inspiration for me and a support through many of the storms I have encompassed on my path!  She’s facing one of those big nasty storms right now.  You know the kind with the thunder so loud it rattles the windows and lightening that illuminates the skies…  I sit here this morning wondering what if anything there is that I could do to help her weather this storm.  The only thing I can think of is to pray for her.  So, if today you get a moment pray for my friend we all know we need prayers from time to time!  And as for my path, it may meander here or there but I always know God is there to guide me back!ENIVRONMENT WEATHER



  1. Yes. Great photo. And will do!

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