Posted by: reball | August 19, 2009

Love never stops growing…

Today, as I watched my boys interacting with their cousins I realized the heart never  runs out of love!  As my many nieces and nephews entered the world I would think how will we have enough love for the next one and then my boys starting growing inside me and it hit me -my love was just growing and growing along with them!   I care so much for each and everyone of them that it actually brings an ache to my heart.  Do you have people to bring this feeling to your heart?

I look at my boys and can honestly admit there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for them.  I have also realized that no matter what they may do in their lives- I will love them always.  There is no error to big to destroy my love for them. 


the cousins' gang

This little gang that my brother, sisters, and I are raising will someday experience this love I’m sure!  We are weaving their lives together entwining one with each other!   There are 9 kids now…missing in this picture is Miss Trinity the newest addition to our clan!


 Share your love with those around you today…and remember there’s always room in your heart for someone else to love!



  1. That’s beautiful. You summed it up perfectly.

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