Posted by: reball | August 20, 2009

Yesterday the world lost another wonderful lady!


On August 19, 2009 my grandma went to heaven at the age of 92.  And yes, I’m sure that’s where she was headed!  Always, a fiesty spit-fired kind of person she was also extremely strong in her faith.  She very rarely missed a Sunday at church and read the Bible from start to finish more times than anyone else I know.

My grandma has always been an inspiration to me her work ethic unfathomable to most, her determination like no other, and yes her gentle side was sometimes hard to find but we always knew it was there.   For a number of years she has been suffering from Alzheimer’s and has required some extra care.  I’m sure that my husband would sometimes say otherwise but most of the time I was honored to be there for her.  It changed the dynamics of our relationship but also made it so much stronger!  I will never forget her telling me, “Grandma loves you too sweetie!” when I would tuck her into bed!

 Rebekah Pics 071

It’s amazing to think of all of the things that changed since the day she came into this world on August 15, 1917!  Telephone’s, automobiles, and computers!  But, I’m sure she would tell you the best things were her two girls,  four grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren!  My grandma loved the kids and I’m so thankful that my babies got to meet her before she made her journey even if they won’t remember her! 

My grandma passed away while resting in my arms.  I’ve never had that experience before but I know that she was exactly where she belonged.  My mom, our neighbor and I surrounded her as she drew her last breath.  I think that’s just who she would have wanted too!  People that she felt safe and comforted by!

God has called her home and that is a glorious thing.  I am at peace with that but still making my journey through the tears and sorrow!  Remember, my grandma today and give those around you some of that love I’ve talked about!



  1. You’re right the world lost an amazing lady! I’m also thankful that just 2 and a half weeks ago my baby girl felt the love of her great grandma Sara! No, she won’t remember, but that’s why Grandma will live on through is telling her stories!

  2. What a beautiful post. What special memories you will always carry of her as your grandmother, your friend, and also as such a sweet little lady that just needed some extra help. You are an amazing person to be that “helper”– a task I am sure you wouldn’t imagine any other way. I am sure she’ll snore into your dreams for months and years to come. The real comfort comes in knowing she is watching over you and your boys and she is always close by in your heart. It is certainly true, we’ve lost another good one– but I know she’s gone on to a much more wonderful place. You and your family are in my prayers.

  3. I know that you will greatly miss her and am thankful that you were able to be with her during her last moments! Such an amazing women and so many wonderful memories!! Love you guys and am thinking of you during this difficult time!

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