Posted by: reball | August 29, 2009

A tiny step for most a gigantic leap for me!

bw pics 001

Since the birth of my boys I have not left them for more than a couple of hours!  Seriously, I have gone to the store alone twice and once had to go to the doctor.  They have stayed with my hubby and my sister that’s it.  (On a side note is it really called babysitting if they are your own children?  My husband seems to think that’s what he’s doing if he has to watch them!) 

I guess it’s this feeling of utter responsibility that I can’t seem to shake!  I decided to have them therefore, I must care for them in all aspects.  Maybe, I’m ridiculous but I truly feel that no one else should have to keep them.  However, tonight I am leaving them.  Yes, I am leaving my children for a few hours in the hands of another human being.  And, I am having a hard time conceiving the idea. 

It’s not  a trust issue that I have because I know they are in wonderful, very capable, loving hands.  It’s just that feeling of what if they need me and I’m not here?  Ridiculous, I know. . . you’re all shaking your heads at me thinking I’m a total idiot!  I also will only be a mile and a half down the road – just in case!

bw pics 144

Really- who can fix this but their mommy?

So, in closing keep me in your prayers tonight …ME not my children. They will be fine and won’t even know that I’m missing I’m sure!



  1. Gosh! How could you do that? I just hope it’s not a middle aged woman going through menopause and has trouble remembering things that you have watching them!

    • That’s sooo funny! They were in good hands!

  2. You were able to take them home, feed them, tuck them into their cozy little beds … and then enjoy yourself … HAHA!! I’m glad you did it. And I’m positive they were not as unhappy as that picture above when you got home! Right?

  3. Such beautiful children you have…….
    I love your blog.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Autumn Blessings~

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