Posted by: reball | September 2, 2009

Never doubt the wrath of a mommy!

yellow jacket

Never mess with my babies…there will be hell to pay!  Yesterday, as my innocent little boy was playing along side of his brother he was attacked.  A yellow jacket stung my son in the back of the head not once but twice.  The boys had been playing on the living room floor and suddenly Mack started screaming his head off.   (Which if you’ve met  my son is not unusual for the outspoken extremely opinionated little devil!)  I brushed his cries off for a moment thinking his stingey brother had taken his pacifier for the billionth time and then I zeroed in on the problem.  A very large yellow jacket had his stinger deep in Mack’s fragile little scalp.  I literally had to grab the thing and pull it off of his head.  And then it happened I got my revenge!  One down and a world full of them to go! 

Normally, I try to not overreact in situations like this but my husband is allergic to bees and this being the first sting for my children I was unsure what to do.  Visions of him having difficulty breathing were flying through my head.  (“Flying” Get it- bees flying?!  Okay not funny!)  I quickly called the pediatrician and was instructed for the proper steps to relieve his pain.  Do you know what to do if an infant is stung?  I sure didn’t…

1) Immediately check that the stinger has been removed from the site.

2) Check for labored breathing, swelling of extremities, and hives or rash in the armpits, belly, and face.  If breathing problems occur immediately call for medical assistance!

3) Administer children’s Benadryl or Motrin if no Benadryl is available.  Apply ice or cold wash cloth to the area.  Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply liberally.  This assists in drawing the venom out and helps with swelling.

Hope this helps and my best advice is to put your kids in a bubble to keep them safe…Lets just hope it doesn’t get soap in their eyes!



  1. LOL! I love the last sentence. You just summed it all up perfectly 🙂

  2. LOL! Yah the last sentence is the best advice!! Is he ok now?? Did he have an allergic reaction. You definately are a wonderful mother and hope your little one’s ok now. You did everything you needed to do.

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