Posted by: reball | September 15, 2009

A reconnection with long lost relatives-

When I was a small child family get together’s  were something that we waited for with great anticipation!  You see all of  “the cousins” (which loosely consisted of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd cousins) would gather at one of the great aunts homes for holidays.  I remember Thanksgiving at my grandma’s with traditions of shooting pool and writing our most thankful for’s on autumn colored leaves to hang on the tree.  Christmas at Aunt Bernice’s with a gigantic tree, banana punch, and ranch seasoned oyster crackers.  I also remember baking and delivering Gingerbread Boys and Girls with Aunt Martha and the cousins.   These traditions have kind of slipped away from all of us.

Don’t get me wrong our immediate family has remained very close.  We all gather at my mom’s every Sunday night for chaos and dinner.  But, that’s not the same as these get together’s with the extended family! 

Tomorrow, night a new tradition is going to be born!  It’s Iron Chef at the McClester’s!  You see my “aunt” (who isn’t really my aunt at all) is hosting a friendly competition of recipes.  I say friendly but really the competition is getting down right fierce!  We’ll gather, eat, be merry, and listen to some heckling between cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.  It will be a grand time! 

Wish us luck and lots of love…by the way the secret ingredient- it’s peanuts!



  1. I wish I too could participate in the fun. I will be there in December FOR SURE!! Good luck!

  2. Dear Twin Mama,
    Which of those angels that you hold in your arms today will one day e-mail you, “prepare to get your butt-kicked by your son in the Iron Chef TODAY”‘ ? Competition ON !!

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