Posted by: reball | October 3, 2009

Picture Day



It has been quite awhile since we have had pictures taken of the boys.  Last night we donned white shirts and clean faces, and headed to the portrait studio.  It’s always hit or miss with smiles at our house and two smiles in the same picture is  a rare occurrence. 

The experience was a little hairy but we survived.  The photographer was absolutely ridiculous and started the session off with Macky in tears and Grady looking at her like she was the most bizarre thing he had ever seen.  (I have to admit she probably does top his list of crazy right along with crazy nanny!)  She was extremely loud, giggled like a hyena, and insisted on putting a stuffed Abby Cadabby doll’s hair in their faces. (Which resulted in multiple sneezes!)  I’m not quite sure of the training required to be a photographer at unsaid portrait studio but seriously?  Is this really supposed to make kids smile?  I can’t see how at least not for my children!

We did come away with a few pictures that I thought were adorable…it could just be that I’m extremely partial to the two little monsters that took residence in my belly for 9 months!  Check them out but if they are awful – please don’t tell me!



  1. Aren’t these the most adorable twins! Yes they do look a lot like Nanny!

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