Posted by: reball | October 13, 2009

Chilly, Chili, Day

Today, it definitely feels like fall.  There is a bite in the air and this morning I heard the weather woman forecasting snow flurries on Friday.  I’m hoping that she is wrong and chances are in my favor because they usually are on that subject! 

Whenever, the cool weather sets in I automatically start craving soups!  I’m not picky I like most any flavor.  Today, as I was looking in  my pantry I was reminded of a hilarious story that my older sister will never be able to shake!  It’s the tale of how she landed her hubby.  You see, my sister dear, she never used to cook.  (Although, she is quite the Betty Crocker these days.)  Instead of actually making (her then boyfriend) a home cooked meal she ran to the local Wendy’s and ordered up some chili.  She came home and poured the paper containers into a pan on the stove.  She wanted him to think that she had been slaving away at his dinner.   Did she ever fool him!  He used to always rave about her chili  until one day she had to give the secret up!    This I’m sure was after they were married!  Yep, she sure got him! 

I don’t know the “original” recipe and I’ve heard they use the leftover hamburgers chopped up for their meat but this recipe sure is tasty and reminds me a lot of my local Wendy’s recipe.

I hope you enjoy!   So, grab a pot and the recipe or just run to your local restaurant as my sister did!  Nothing tastes or feels better than a bowl of warm soup, a fuzzy blanket, and a good book on these chilly days!  Who knows- Make this for your someone special and they’ll probably curl up with you!

Husband Grabbing Knock-Off Chili

1 Onion Chopped

 1 Green Pepper Chopped

1 Can Kidney Beans Drained

1 Can Pinto Beans Drained

1 Can Ranch Style Beans Drained

 1 McCormick’s Mild Chili Seasoning Packet

 2 lbs Ground Beef

 Saute the ground beef with the onion and pepper until meat is browned.  Drain all juices and place into a heavy  bottomed sauce pan or dutch oven.  Add remaining ingredients and allow to simmer at least an hour stirring often. 




  1. Ha ha! Thank you for reminding me LOL I actually do have a Wendy’s copycat recipe. Their secret ingredient? A little nutmeg!

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