Posted by: reball | October 21, 2009

A Stranger Next Door…

Something’s been weighing on my mind all day!  And I have been avoiding it!  I’ve taken care of babies, cooked dinner, done laundry, but it’s still there in the back of my mind.  I know the suspense is killing you right?  Well, here goes the steam is about to blow.  It has to do with my grandma.  

The person I still miss every single day.  It has to do with her house and my desire for it to stay the way she left it.  For it to smell like her when I go in. For the sheets to be as pristine as she liked them. For her presence to still feel like it’s there.  But tonight her house isn’t hers any more.  Nope.  There is a stranger sleeping in it.  In her bed, under her sheets, using her refrigerator, and her tv. 


I guess I should explain a little more.  A man (who nobody even knows name) is staying in my grandma’s house while he hunts.  He’s here from Maine and drives a truck that looks very much like mine.  That’s it.  That’s about how much I know of him.  Don’t get me wrong he seems nice but…  So, many unanswered questions.

I understand the need to move on.  I do.  However, this just doesn’t fit with me.   I keep thinking things like “No room at the inn.”  and “What if this is God in disguise testing me?”  I’m sure that he is harmless and he did pay to stay here.  But, what if he is a convict, a murderer, a ….My list goes on. 

Really, though I know I need to get over it and the fact of the matter is this.  My grandma is in heaven probably shaking her head at me glad to have someone in her house using her things.  (Even if he does smell like deer estrus and nobody knows his name!) 



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