Posted by: reball | November 10, 2009

Blessings, Miracles, & Wisdom

Blessings are things that I feel each and every one of us take for granted!  I saw an embroidered print the other day that said, “Look for the small miracles and you’ll find they’re everywhere.”  Isn’t that so true.  Miracles are everywhere.  Some we may not even notice and others are in our faces everyday.  I have been given to little blessings, miracles if you will.


Last year at this time they were kicking me and making my back hurt and now they are giggling and laughing!  (And still making my back hurt.)  When I was pregnant I thought I truly understood all of the changes that were happening.  However, I don’t think that anyone is ever prepared for them.  I went to the doctor expecting the news of one baby and was told that I was carrying two!  It truly was one of those blessings I’ve been talking about.  Scary but ultimately a wonderful blessing. 

 My doctor’s told me if I could carry the babies to 32 weeks I would be doing well, 34 great, and if I was able to carry them until 37 fabulous.  At this time last year I started experiencing some of those labor pains we all read about when we’re pregnant. . . I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital with a Magnesium Sulfate dinner instead of turkey.  I was at 32 weeks.  The doctor’s were able to stop the contractions with a lot of help from our prayers and I went home.  Two weeks later I again was admitted and received yet another dose of that evil Mag-Sulfate.  (If anyone has ever had that experience they will understand.  It truly is an evil concoction.  It causes every part of your body to feel like you are on fire, causes your muscles to quiver, and your stomach to feel like it’s being tossed in stormy waters!)  Again, with much prayer I was able to keep my tiny babies inside.  I made it to 36 weeks and this time there was no stopping them.  My tiny miracles were born!  We experienced some rough times but ultimately my miracles survived and are now thriving! 


I guess what I’m trying to say is this:   We never know how quickly life can change or what kind of cards we’ll be dealt – but we need to be thankful for the blessings and miracles we’ve been given.  Stop and take time to enjoy your special miracles.  Whether they are crawling through tunnels constructed in your living room like mine or  they are a friend (or mom) who stops by to help when you least expect it and most need  it!

Nanny and Boys



  1. Amen!

    I just randomly clicked here from somewhere else, but I have to say that this is one of the best posts I’ve ever stumbled upon. I love that you love them so =)

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