Posted by: reball | December 4, 2009

Neglecting My Duties

It seems that I have been letting a few of my duties slide lately. It’s not the care of my children or heaven forbid the grocery shopping!  Which would send the twindaddy over the edge!  Nope, it’s this blog it seems…I just haven’t had a whole lot I want to talk about.  My life is great don’t get me wrong it’s just that we have had a lot of tragedy and difficult trials this year.  I’m not asking for pity or trying to make these situations any less about the people they involve!  Some of these tragedies affected me directly, some not quite so close to home, and others that just struck a chord with me!  The loss of a Great stressing the word GREAT Aunt, the passing of my dear grandmother (whom I still miss each and everyday), the passing of my brother-in-laws grandfather, two friends losing babies, another mother who lost her life. 

It just seems to be never-ending! 

Our latest trial is the diagnoses of brain cancer a close friend just received.  It’s never easy to hear the news of something like this.  I’m a person of strong faith but  lately  I find myself questioning why God is letting so many good people suffer.  I don’t understand!  I know that these thoughts are wrong but I truly feel like I can’t help it right now!  I pray everyday that he gives our friend exactly what he is needing right now and that he gives me the understanding that I’m needing too.   It’s extremely difficult to find a positive amidst all of this! 

One truly stunning thing that has come of this is the prayer vigil that our community held for our friend!  It was striking to see candles being lit one to another.  The light filled the parking lot with hope and prayers!  I do have hope!  I know that God is watching over this situation and all of the hearts that are being touched by it! 

I am thankful each and everyday for my healthy happy family.  I am thankful for the house we live in.  I am thankful for the friends I have made along this road I’m traveling.  I am thankful that I know the compassion of total strangers.  I am thankful for a heart that knows grief and triumph!  Most of all I am thankful for a God that has the wisdom and understanding to stand beside me even when I am doubting!


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