Posted by: reball | January 18, 2010

The Next Step

To some a simple thing like a haircut means nothing…To a mommy -the first haircut is quite a different story! The boys have officially reached that 1 year milestone but haven’t had a real haircut.   They have had several “trims” from me but aside from the little shave G got in the NICU that’s it!

However, there comes a day when you look down at your handsome little turkeys and realize they are looking at you from behind a hairy curtain!  That’s right folks- I’m a horrible mother who would rather have her sons vision impaired than cut off those golden locks!  The twindaddy has been threatening for weeks that if I didn’t take them and soon he would be shaving their heads.  Would he really do it?  I don’t think so but if he had….There would be heck to pay!


I finally gave in and called to make the appointment.  It was a sad day for me but they did wonderfully.  That “baby” look is gone and now I have two “boys”.  It’s amazing how the little things are what really get to you as a parent!  Something, about knowing they are growing up that makes us forlorn.  I know it’s just part of the process but it still feels like an arrow in my heart!  Don’t get me wrong…I’m happy that they are growing and thriving but a part of me wants them to be my babies forever!



So, now that we are sporting new do’s I swear our attitudes and daringness have undergone a major change too!  As I looked into the living room to see what the little hams were up to I found this- 


I just know that my babies without haircuts would never do something like this!

~Yours truly,

The over protective & saddened TwinMama


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