Posted by: reball | January 30, 2010

4 ‘Little’ Feet


I never thought that I would dress the boys in matching outfits.  In fact at the beginning I totally hated that idea!  Somewhere, along the path I decided it was adorable. . . and much easier.  When they both have the same wardrobe there isn’t any fussing over who belongs to which shoes or coat.  I realize that this won’t be ‘do-able’  forever but for now -it works!  The boys are nearly the same size with only a 2 ounce difference in weight and 1/4 of an inch in length. We had a checkup with the pediatrician yesterday.  They weighed in at 22 pounds and 21 pounds 14 ounces.  Plus, we’ve finally found a spot on the infamous weight percentile chart!  We’ve never had a problem with their feet being small however!    When they were born their feet seemed as big as their little bodies.  I’ve failed to mention that the twindaddy’s shoe size is a 13.  I’ve heard it said that the bigger your feet the more firm you’re foundation.  The boys should have no problem there!

I’ve strayed away from the point of this post- I do apologize.  It could be the lack of sleep or the overall muck my brain seems to be wading through!  I’ll try to get back on track… I ventured into the shoe department at Target in search of  new bigger shoes.  Can you believe that I was only able to find two pairs in the same style and a size 5 ?  Ridiculous don’t you think?  I was dumbfounded but none the less those are the ones we came home with! 

The boys are starting to have opinions and reactions to new things more and more.  We tried the new shoes on when we got home.  I of course made a big ‘to-do” which caused many giggles from the little ham bones!  What a blessing it is to find such joy in such simple things as shoes!


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