Posted by: reball | February 2, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

As Valentine’s Day approaches it makes me think of all the love in my life!  The word “love” escapes my mouth so many times a day!  I think that sometimes I don’t even realize how much love I have – especially for my children.  You stroll through life and one day meet the man of your dreams and suddenly you think you understand love and have more than you ever thought possible.  And then,  it happens!  Your child or children in my case enter this world and your cup- it runneth over! 

That phrase stuck with me since I watched Hope Floats long ago.   “My cup runneth over!”   My cup…it truly does runneth over.  The love I have for my children is stronger than any I’ve ever known before.  This love isn’t just for my children but also all the little munchkins I have in my life!  My boys aren’t old enough to get what ” I love you” truly means but when they come from across the room to give mama a slobbery kiss it warms my heart like nothing else!  Or when I end a phone call with my nieces and nephews with an I love you  and I get one in return!


Value the love you have in your life because there is truly nothing as priceless! 


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