Posted by: reball | February 15, 2010

My Place of Peace

The boys first trip at 4 months old!


Grandma's last trip at nearly 92!

There aren’t many places that I have found in this world that I feel at ease.   I think most of us have one of those favorite places.  Do you have a place that captivates your mind and calls to your soul? 

For me it’s a beautiful piece of land deep within the Allegheny National Forest.  A place where peace, serenity, and beauty take shape.  It’s my happy place.  It’s breathtaking beauty is awe inspiring!  It holds a power over us! 

I’ve come to believe that this place is the recharge my body needs!  Whenever, life is to tough -I dream of it!  I’ll let you in on my secret- When my labor pains were so unbearable I thought I couldn’t do it- this is where my mind went! 

It touches each of my family members in this way too!  My mother came here as a child.  She often says, “Whenever, we went on a summer vacation we always stopped here before heading home!”  She made sure that we were here as children and my goal is to teach my children to love it just as much as the rest of us!  It’s a tradition that runs in our veins.  Our memory place if you will! 

I recently made our reservations for our summer vacations!  I can’t wait to be surround by God’s beauty!  To smell the fire, hear the river run,  and to witness the kindness that seems to wrap it’s way around even the hardest of hearts in this magical place! 

The only thing left is to wait….and wait….and wait!  Oh, and find a tent that will accommodate a queen size air mattress and two pack-n-plays!



  1. That you for sharing your favorite home away from home with us. It’s beautiful.

    I also have a family “camp” that calls to my soul. There are times I wish that I could just go there to think. To sit on the end of the dock and let my feet dangle right into the water.

    Hope you have a great day!

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