Posted by: reball | March 14, 2010

Thank Goodness It’s Over!

This week has found my family in many a pickle!  Boy, am I ever glad that it’s over!  Hopefully, the week to come has a brighter, easier, healthier outlook for us all! 

The week started with a disaster for my mom or “nanny” as she’s often referred to!  She was scheduled for a ‘no-pain’ laser procedure on her right eye.  In the process her eye was severely scratched in three places.  Monday & Tuesday were spent trying to help her in any way we could!  She was in a tremendous amount of pain and without vision in that eye!  I’m thankful to say she’s out of the woods and getting along much better!

Wednesday, poor Mr. G was not feeling well.  After, 4 days of running a fever on and off I decided we’d had enough.  I took him to the pediatrician to discover both ears and his sinuses are infected.  He is now on Antibiotics once again and is doing much better!  Back to tearing the joint apart!

On Thursday, it seems my turn rolled around.  I awoke to face the day as usual and was knocked to my knees by horrible pain in my lower abdomen.  It seems I’m plagued with another cyst.  Please pray that it does ‘its’ thing and moves on out.  After, spending the day in the emergency room with IV medications and two prescriptions for the road I’m feeling better as well.  I go back next week for a check-up.

Friday, it became my youngest sister’s turn for her share of the pain!  She was struck with a horrendous migraine that left her dazed, confused, and filled with agony!  After, a treatment of pain medications administered in each hip she is feeling much better today!

Along, with all of these terrible fates my grandpa or ‘Pop’ as he’s referred to around here is battling a long list of health problems.  He suffers from heart related illnesses along with lymphoma.  He & Evelyn could definitely use your prayers!

And last but not least my dad has had some tests done and is anxiously awaiting the results! My step mom has also had her share of health related issues lately but is feeling much better than she had been!

Geesh….that’s a long list of prayer requests!  It’s amazing how you go through your life from day-to-day taking your health for granted and then poof!  Illness strikes and turns your world upside down in an instant! Every night, as I head to bed I check on the boys and pray that God will keep them healthy, happy, loved, and provided for!  I pray He also watches over my family and my dear friends!


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