Posted by: reball | March 15, 2010

Two Little Bears

As I reread this post I realized that I’m making my oldest son out to be not so appealing!  That wasn’t my intention at all!  So, before you read any further realize that I love him more than my Diet Coke and that’s saying a lot!  Actually, there is no limit to my love for either of my rascals!  So, take my words lightly!  I’m just seeking some helpful advice!  And nanny…I don’t want any phone calls telling me how horrible I was to write about this!  You witnessed his attitude today!

The  boys have been testing their boundaries lately.  I’m kind of at a loss on what action I should be taking.  On one hand we have the poor “victim” every time.  It’s definitely Mr. M.  He wears his emotions on his sleeves.  He goes from happy and smiling to  heart-broken and in tears in moments!  It can be a bit frustrating at times.  Probably, because he’s so much like his mama in these aspects!

On the other side…we have the bully Mr. G!  He is mean, bossy, and controlling.  If he doesn’t get his way he’s aggressive. He let’s you know he’s not happy by hair pulling or not so loving smacks in the face! 

I can use all of the suggestions I can get!  I try to tell G that it’s not nice to hit and we have to love each other.  I just don’t think that it’s sinking in.  He does know that I’m not happy about his actions.  However, I’m not sure he really cares a whole lot!  So, how do you recommend disciplining a 14 month old little boy?

One minute he’s the mean little turkey and the next he’s all love and kisses!  I know it’s all part of growing up. Staking your claim in this world.  Exerting your own opinions!  Right?!!!

I tell them repeatedly, “Mommy loves you no matter what you do!”  ~But it sure is a lot easier to love ’em when they’re good!



  1. He’s acting like this and he’s 14 months old?!!! I definitely think family counseling is in order. You don’t want this to get out of hand. Before you know it, he’ll be in juvenile detention. Yes, definitely worry about discipline RIGHT THIS SECOND.
    All kidding aside. He’s a baby. No, he doesn’t care. Babies know when you’re upset, but he doesn’t yet have empathy or sympathy for someone else’s feelings. He doesn’t understand that his actions affect others. It’s normal. He’s too young … don’t worry about it.
    And he was wonderful this morning!

  2. Just keep up exactly what you do each and every day! You are a wonderful, devoted mommy and someday that will all pay off! (although it is a blessing now right now too!)

  3. That picture is absolutely perfect! Except your two aren’t nearly that hairy!! 🙂

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