Posted by: reball | March 30, 2010

A day of clean starts and fresh beginnings!

Easter has always been an exciting time for me.  I love to go to church and see the lilies adorning the windows.  I love the feeling of love that fills our little country church during the sunrise service.  The sight of the first rays of sunlight shining through the stained glass windows!  It’s a very special day filled with clean starts and fresh beginnings!  The promise of forgiveness and hope! 

We never really got into the easter bunny and all that he entails at our house growing up.  We did get a special outfit to celebrate the day complete with white shoes.  They were usually sandals and were unacceptable to wear until Easter.  You see white shoes should never be worn before Easter!  Or so believed my grandma!

I don’t have little girls to buy pretty flowery dresses or white sandals but I do have my two sweet little boys!  They won’t be wearing neck ties or sweater vests this year.  It’s not really our style.  They will be wearing these two adorable little outfits though.  Daddy probably won’t approve but I think they will be little charmers in them!

However, you spend your Easter remember that Jesus died for us so that we may have a fresh start with our sins forgiven and forgotten.  May his love surround you and you truly appreciate the sacrifice that he made for each one of us! 




  1. Loved your easter blog and the darling outfits!!

  2. Praise God for Easter! Nuf said. All we need to know!

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